Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers can improve fine lines, wrinkles, and signs of ageing. They contain natural hyaluronic acid to retain skin moisture. This non-surgical treatment plumps skin, restores volume, and enhances facial contours. Benefits include minimized downtime, improved skin texture and tone, and long-lasting results up to one year. Dermal fillers are a safe and tailored option for a youthful appearance. 

Lip Filler – Signature Technique

Get plump and natural-looking lips with our lip filler treatment at Ninski. Our aesthetic injectors professionals use hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers to enhance the appearance of your lips with more definition and volume, leaving you feeling confident and satisfied. Book your appointment today! (1 hour)

Lip Filler – Russian Technique

The Russian Lip Filler technique raises the pink of the top lip higher, whilst the bottom lip drops lower giving a deep ‘V’ shaped curve toward the chin. This technique tends to lift the lip rather than add volume, giving a flatter appearance from the side. This shape gives a “Russian doll” aesthetic. (1hour 30min)

Cheek Filler

Cheek filler is used to add definition to the cheekbones, leading to a more chiselled, model-eque look, and sculpting the face(30min)

Chin Filler

Chin Filler is used to enhance the chin, leading to a more feminine appearance. It can also be used to balance the facial profile(30min)

Nose to Mouth Line
Get rid of deep nasolabial folds with nose-to-mouth line filler, leading to a youthful and refreshed appearance. (30min)
Marionette Line

The Marionette Line runs from the bottom corner of your mouth down to the chin, making the face look aged and droopy. Correct this with Marionette Line Filler. (30min)

Smokers Line

Wrinkles above the upper lip are called smokers lines. Even if you don’t smoke you can get these wrinkles from excessive pursing of the lips. Smoothing them out with dermal filler leads to a refreshed appearance. (30min)

Tear Trough

Sunken, hollow under eyes can lead to a permanently tired look. By increasing volume in this area with dermal filler, the face looks refreshed and energized.


Jawline Filler is used to add definition to the jawline, creating a sculpted look. It can be used to balance the facial profile and give a chiselled look to the face.

Nose Filler

Correct irregularities in the shape of the nasal bridge with nose filler. This treatment is also called the non-surgical nose job. (30min)

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